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Watford Youth says We care!

June 9, 2008

Fredome girls

(Photo by David Long)

On the 28th of May, 2008, 770 under-eighteens poured into Area Nightclub, Watford in order to join in with the UV-themed party run by the FREdome Visionary Trust.


The Party Was organised by the youth section FREdome-YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults.)

From FREdome-YEA comes WeCare, an account created on the social networking site, MySpace, where over 3500 youngsters have added WeCare as a friend.

WeCare publicised the event through MySpace bulletins, messages and comments, as well as displaying leaflets and posters in numerous shops.

The party went without a hitch. DJ Simon King commented, ‘the crowd is one of the best I’ve had.’

A whole variety of music was played with great bass tunes to really get the party-goers dancing.

Chloe, Alice and Tasha, had the sun, sea and CO2 painted on their faces by Natalie Chappin.

These icons represent the three basic components of a potential solution to the globalthreats to young people’s future:

* climate change
* the energy crisis
* starvation and disease.

These young people are drawing attention to the possiblity that we could rapidly refertilise deserts and wastelands (75% of the world’s land) using algae, and grow all the food and fuel that the world needs, stabilising the world economy and absorbing excess CO2 in the process.

Young people want enjoy the future as well as the present.

Altogether the party was a great success, raising over £6500, as well as generating great support and awareness for FREdome’s vision.

See the Mars Patrol campaign video at .

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