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FREdome enters a big green challenge

June 23, 2008

Fingers crossed for the Big Green Funding opportunity

On June 10th, the FREdome Founder, Greg Peachey and a fantastic bid team submitted an application for the Big Green Challenge – a £1m prize fund set up by NESTA for carbon-reducing community projects in the UK. The C-Green Solutions/FREdome Project was selected to go forward to a semi-final 100 contestants from among 350 projects. As part of the bid, the plans for C-Green Solutions are being reviewed by experts at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Other interesting and exciting funding opportunities are being identified as the combined oil crisis and food shortages Greg warned us of have finally hit, and national agencies are looking to fund more sustainable solutions to costly imported and transported food.

Small-scale experiment

This summer holiday a small team of students from St Michael’s Catholic High School & Specialist Humanities College will be supervised on paid work experience for up to 8 weeks at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden. The purpose is to prove under scientific rigour:

1. Whether growing vegetables in sea nutrients improves nutritional quality, flavour and yield

2. If growing micro-algae in dilute sea water improves the rate of multiplication


Despite recent ill health, 77 year old founder Harry Hart has been encouraged to work on the project with renewed enthusiasm and is thriving on the vegetables he is successfully growing in just dilute sea-water. Thanks to all the publicity by FREdome since the project launch in November 2007 Harry’s work has caught the attention of the media. He is expecting a visit from a leading science broadcaster on Thursday 19 June. More to follow…


Around one acre of waste/agricultural land is sought for a mid-scale demonstration of the algal growth. Can you help? Post your comment on this blog or email in confidence.

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