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Harry’s experiments

July 3, 2008

Supplemented by the proceeds of youth events at Area Nightclub, a donation made by the Franciscan Friars through the Spread Charity, the Global Peace Festival is providing some funding for Harry Hart to develop a simple kit so that people can grow their own high yield, high-nutrient vegetables in nothing but dilute sea water, using the “flood & drain” hydroponic method.

Here are some photos of his first experiments, which have all worked really well.

He is starting to experiment with algae, but will need a bit of trial and error to get the growing conditions right.

GPF are also paying for some publicity for what he’s doing, and to take 3 separate mini-buses of young people to see:

(a) Harry’s practical work, and understand how it can be scaled up to solve all these global problems.
(b) the results of the Rothamsted experiment, funded by Nuffield Science Bursaries;
(c) St Michael Catholic High School’s implementation in the greenhouse they have had built so they can grow food all year round for themselves + hampers for the local destitute.

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