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“Nine Meals to Anarchy”?

July 3, 2008

Have you heard about the theory of “Nine Meals to Anarchy” an expression coined by Lord Cameron of Dillington, a farmer who was the first head of the Countryside Agency?

This theory looks at what would happen in the event of a shut down in oil supplies in the UK. Lord Cameron estimates that it would take nine meals – the equivalent of three days without food on supermarket shelves – before law and order started to break down and the country descended in to chaos:

Day 1 – the supermarket shelves will empty.
Day 2 – homes will start to run short of food.
Day 3 – law and order will break down and the looting will start, as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

It will not be enough for individual families to stock up or even grow their own food, because it will be stolen by desperate looters.

The UK is very vulnerable because we produce so little of our own food or fuel. Could an answer be for all of us, or local farms, to start hydroponic cultivation in seawater which can be done all year round?

What is hydroponic cultivation?

How can sea nutrients be used to grow vegetables?

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