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Rothamsted experiment goes ahead

August 28, 2008

Groundbreaking work is being hosted at this very moment at Rothamsted Research, investigating the possibility of utilising prolific marine algae to resolve climate change, the energy crisis, the food crisis, disease, the credit crunch –  all in one go. The experiment, being supervised at Rothamsted Research and funded by Nuffield Science Bursaries allocated by SETPOINT Hertfordshire, is being conducted on behalf of the FREdome Visionary Trust by three enterprising students from St Michael’s Catholic High School, Garston. Student Andrew Lang says, “This small project forms the first stage in FREdome’s first community project C-GreenSolutions’ massive quest.

 Serendipitous algae shipped out of St Albans Lake 

The project received an unexpected publicity boost when the Herts Advertiser reported an uncontrollable growth of algae blighting St Albans’ famous Verulamium Lake.  The following week this story appeared:


ALGAE from the lake at Verulamium Park in St Albans could prove to be blooming useful to scientists at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden.

Read the whole story:

 St Albans City & District Council and their contractor John O’Conner Ltd have agreed to provide a regular supply of the harvested algae, which completely re-covers the whole Lake within a space of a week. FREdome is currently seeking a source of funding to procure a biogas digester and a piece of land on which to pilot the process.

This project is managed and supported by C-Green Solutions – a carbon cycling project based in Watford Hertfordshire UK.    The aim of C-Green Solutions Carbon Recycling is to provide a means of removing carbon from the atmosphere and recycling that carbon to produce fertile land, healthier crops and, eventually, should our trials succeed, start to reclaim desert land. 

Current sponsors

  • FREdome Visionary Trust
  • St. Michael’s School, Watford
  • Capital Edge Ltd
  • Ocean Grown
  • Great Stuff Hydroponics
  • BNi Watford Junction







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