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Harry Hart is “ahead of the curve” says Susan Watts, Newsnight

October 14, 2008

“Harry’s plans are very interesting indeed and for the sake of a couple of hundred thousand quid – a former hedge fund manager’s lunch budget – some serious inroads into world-changing R&D might take place, and Harry’s papers properly archived for posterity.”

A comment on the BBC Newsnight Blog on Susan Watts’  article following the broadcast of a feature on algae. 

The newsnight team visited Harry Hart at his Bury St Edmunds home and interviewed him there.  

VIEW THE INTERVIEW WITH HARRY –  leave your comments on Susan Watts’ blog:   All of a sudden… algae is everywhere

Harry Hart’s work is supported by the FREdome project, C-Green Solutions

We’re attempting to raise funds to replicate Harry’s experiments and publish the 30 man years of scientific research done by Global Eco into finding the solution to CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING AND STARVATION.  

What can you do?

Sign our on-line petition

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