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FREdome-YEA raises £5,000 at Area for world-saving research

November 11, 2008

Over 1,100 youngsters danced at their Halloween Fancy Dress Party in Area Nightclub on 29th October 2008. It was a Halloween with a difference – plasma screens throughout the venue did not display ancient horrors, such as witches and ghouls, but future horrors – the global problems that could become young people’s worst nightmares, unless we do something now. And so they danced to raise awareness and funds to salvage dramatic research to save the planet – a campaign called C-Green Solutions. The ‘C’ stands, for both Carbon and the Sea, which are key components of the solution.
The research is a blueprint for recovering our ailing planet by converting the greatest threats to humanity back into the natural resources that successive generations have plundered. The work, which urgently needs to be brought to the attention of mainstream politicians, commerce and the general public, was conducted by thirty experts over more than thirty years, and so represents an investment of a person-millennium. It claims to be a single solution to climate change, the food and fuel crises, poor nutrition, resource-based territorial conflict, pollution and looming economic collapse – claims which the young people have become convinced are true.
FREdome-YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults), the youth contingent of the FREdome Visionary Trust, has launched a number of initiatives in support of the campaign. Back in March of this year, “WeCare Girls”, Jaz and Sophie, astonished adults by filling Area Nightclub, donated free by manager Matt Gamon, with 550 youngsters. Four events later, that number has grown by more than 200 at a time to over 1100. Through Extended Schools, flyers about the event and the research were delivered to all secondary schools in the area. The funds from the events have sustained Suffolk-based Global-Eco to continue the work, enabling the key figure, Harry Hart to be interviewed by the BBC2 Newsnight team last month and be featured on BBC Look East. On Sunday the youth leaders were delighted to hand over the largest cheque so far.
Greg Peachey of the FREdome Visionary Trust said, “We are concerned, not only with resolving the greatest threats to humanity, but more importantly the human attitudes and structures which have led and are still leading us to turn our children’s inheritance into their demise. If anyone can bring about that change, it will be the young people themselves.”
He concluded, “Let us see whether their efforts can inspire humanity as a whole to muster just £120,000 – approximately the average salary of one doctor – to fund four experts to work for a year to unlock 1,000 person-years of desperately needed research? Watch this space…”

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