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Big thinking = FREdome’s opportunity to influence

December 22, 2008

The lottery has rejected FREdome’s application for funding to set up in 17 towns up and down the UK.

Despite a carefully researched and closely argued application which answered all the requirements, FREdome was rejected on the basis that it did not identify the people who could benefit.

We have responded by pointing out that the whole point of FREdome is for EVERYONE to benefit from the good will generated by Diversity Celebration Events, and the opportunity to identify who or what it is they want to support.

Our workshop programme has demonstrated this and we now have a community project which is supported by a diverse range of businesses, young people, school children, educators and scientists. (Everything you see on is a voluntary effort – including the website.)

Maybe our vision is ahead of the game: FREdome has been invited to contribute Big Thinking – a consultation on the future of the lottery.

Guess what?  It uses the same techniques as FREdome: 1) an ideas website,  and 2) face to face community discussions.

We will be submitting furthered appeals to reverse the lottery decision, but we look forward to taking your ideas up to “Big Thinking”

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  1. DAWN AYRES permalink
    December 29, 2008 3:00 pm

    Well done, Greg. Just remember where one door closes and looks sealed another invariably opens and with it comes new opportunity. I wish FREdome every success in the coming year. Dont ever lose heart.

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