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Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions.

December 22, 2008

Greg Peachey writes:

For decades, chancellors’ budgets have simply robbed Peter to pay Paul. 

How about doing something really decisive like, instead of paying the snowballing numbers of unemployed to do nothing, pay them to work on renewable solutions?

How about alleviating poverty through slashing or even abolishing income tax by turning government into a profitable, publicly-owned business?

The government has valuable marketing data – every decision-maker in every business, and every consumer. Market research companies charge considerable fees for attempting to replicate this. This effort could be more usefully redeployed to generate a net output for the economy. (Managed use of the data could even decimate spam.)

You might not hold with these ideas, but imagine how morale and enagement would lift if the political parties announced new measures as radical as these to build a future, rather than patch up the past?

The FREdome Visionary Trust believes that anyone is capable of having a GREAT idea at any time.

FREdome is calling an emergency crisis workshop for Watford in early January, and wants your ideas, however enormous or small, on how ordinary people can find the strength within themselves to build a future.

We will issue an invitation in the early new year…

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  1. December 29, 2008 7:00 pm

    Surely government IS business, in the sense that MPs have the task of running Great Britain humanely, safely and in an economically viable way, as a board of management (like the Quaker enterprises at their best). Unfortunately, party-governance is a Westminster Charade, connived at by all parties, and their ‘chosen ones’. The first step to a solution is simple: no one should vote for a ‘rosette stand’. Only independent candidates, of known integrity, should be voted to Parliament, and local codes of conduct should replace the party-biased ones (qv) currently in force. Any whiff of corruption or dereliction should bring instant dismissal by the constituency. In short: SPOIL PARTY GAMES. The problem lies in the lies of politicians. At election time they rely on fear, greed and disinformation, to ensure the sheep vote ‘Rosette’ and keep the gravy train on track. When a general election comes, I will, again, be active in Newbury disseminating that message.

  2. July 25, 2009 8:09 am

    Excellent point!!
    The party-governance, and the ”Bullingdon effect” is indeed the issue not only here but globally. IT technology and social networks have progressed so far, now it is time to use them in the ”e-government” for the benefit of the citizens. With e-government we can evaluate ”real time” any representative politician and why not replace him. Why we have to wait 5 years to boot him out if he doesn’t comply with his promise. This real e-Democracy.

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