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Can Herts turn the world around?

May 21, 2009
Rupert Read, Bill McGuire and Greg Peachey take questions from the floor

Rupert Read, Bill McGuire and Greg Peachey take questions from the floor

7 May 2009, Watford, Hertfordshire
Representatives from over 50 businesses in Hertfordshire attended a networking breakfast , held at the Bushey Hall Golf Club, with the invaluable support of the Watford Chamber of Commerce.

Event host – Roger Gagan.

Could the coming climate crunch be a whole lot worse than this credit crunch?  

The event started with sobering presentation by Bill McGuire of the Benfield Hazard Research Centre of University College London.

“We are facing the prospect of 90% of the earth becoming uninhabitable by the end of the century” said Bill McGuire.

Bill explained how the trending average global temperature rise of 4 degrees Centigrade would lead to sea level rises that would obliterate vast swathes of our land within the century. 

Mountainous areas of the world such as the Himalayas are predicted to lose their glaciers by the end of the century stifling water supply to billions in India and China.

Bill explained how politics has disconnected from science – leaving political leaders unable to take effective action in the face of the threat. 

Published predictions for global economic growth and energy consumption are in direct contradiction to what scientists are saying will happen in our children’s lifetimes.

Can algae provide the solution? 

Greg Peachey of the Watford Based FREdome Visionary Trust presented a possible simple solution to energy generation and carbon capture involving algae and anaerobic biodigestion – a well understood process which generates energy from decomposing matter.

The C-green Solution, devised by Green Deserts field experts in the 1970’s, can be implemented on a local or scaled to global – with appropriate action to facilitate infrastructure.

“Greg’s presentation was truly inspiring” Rupert Read

Providing a balanced commentary on the proceedings, local Councillor Rupert Read, Eastern Green Party MEP candidate spoke in qualified support explaining how we need to start thinking ahead long term.  He said;

 “Any idea of how to capture carbon is welcome at this time. There may well be a serious money making opportunity here, but we must think through the social and environmental consequences. ”

What is carbon cycling?

  • How does the C -Green solution work?
  • Why has it never been implemented?
  • What is the connection between FREdome and C-Green.

Find out at

What happens next:  

Half a dozen business owners were inspired to step forward to offer their services for half a day a month.

We are hoping that we can use their skills to co-ordinate two main strands of activity:

1. Multiplying up our successful fund/awareness-raising youth events

2. Bringing together the companies whose products we would like to integrate and distribute, in order to roll-out our world-recovery solution.

Thank you everyone who attended, and thanks especially to anyone who offered help.

From the FREdome business Event team

Greg, Ivor, Ann, Suzanne, Sherief

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