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Youth Events update

May 21, 2009

FREdome YEA Celebrations 09FREdome YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults) organises peaceful, alcohol-free club nights – by young people for young people.

We now have a string of 4 youth events booked up over summer – 2 clubbing nights, 1 hip-hop variety show and 1 open-air concert (Clarence Park)

On the C-Green front, we are going to visit 2 pivotal professors at National Oceanographic Centre (date to be fixed), one into creating a large algal biomass for anaerobic digestion and the other into desert reclamation.

The first event to be held at Hemel’s Lava Ignite venue went off without a hitch in April.

Hundreds of local youngsters enjoyed a live DJ, bands and hip hop performances.

FREdome YEA’s events are promoted using local schools and peer to peer social media.

Dowload our events schedule for summer 2009:

More info – call 0845 225 3005

Coming soon
July event at St Albans Pioneer youth club!

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