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Stop Global War-MING film wins international film prix

December 8, 2009

Stop Global WARming – the one minute film created by FREdome YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults ) has won the Youth Film Category of the International Film competition “One Minute to Save the World”  

The film will be shown to World Leaders and thousands of delegates at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, and will receive a private screening today at an all party event at the Houses of Parliament.    

Fantastic news and well done to the production team !

This is what the star of the film, Toby, published on the comments section:

“Hello, I’m Toby, i’m the boy in the video above, i got together with Sophie, Christian, Faith, Lydia, and Christiana, from various places around Hertfordshire, this wasn’t my first video which has involved FREdome and has had the subject of solving the worlds current problems.

“I was introduced to the idea of FREdome via a family friend, the video took about a week to put together and i, amongst others had a ton of fun making it. i Believe the the suggestion that diverting money that is clearly being wasted on over-reacting to petty disputes, would be better spent on putting our solution to use, is an idea not without its merits.” Sic

Thanks to everyone who voted !

Watch Stop Global WAR-ming at:

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