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If I ruled the World….

December 18, 2009

At a meeting at St Michaels Catholic High School  in Garston this week.

 The children, aged between  11 – 14 have been using our FREDome ideas site and told us how it could be better.  We were really impressed by their intelligent suggestions.

Iain Scott, Managing Director of web developer  Base Creative Ltd will come back with some development ideas in response.

The good news is that the site is being used by many young people to share their ideas and suggestions for a better future, despite some of the technical issues they have run into.

The school has pledged support so we can make the site better and help the children share their ideas more easily and encourage the take up in primary schools in the area.

Here is our current top-rated post from Charlotte Dormon – which is well worth a read  …


If I ruled the World….I would drop all world debt, and let people begin to enjoy their lives. I would also put water wells every three miles in third world countries, and build hospitals for sick people in poverty. I would also help people who wanted to have professional jobs to train, and be educated, something which we, in our country take for granted. Then I would make sure that every child was immunised against diseases, such as Malaria, the worlds biggest killer. I would also run local projects, for people of all ages, for support and self confidence.

Then I would go to areas where large international countries exploit children for child labour, (when children should be at school and being educated) and put a stop to that.

And because the many people who live in third world countries have never had a proper chance in life, simply because of where they were born, I would ensure that they had an amazing holiday with their family; because they, more than any of us, despite what you may think, deserve a holiday.

I am sure that many more people who read this, agree with my final views. Although we do not have the power to change these things, like governments and the G8, it is good that we have HOPE.

Hope that third world debt will be dropped one day, and people can live their lives to the fullest. Because even if WE can’t drop the debt, we can do the smaller things that make big differences to those peoples lives, such as raising money for water wells, and rebuilding houses through sponsered events.


What’s your big idea?

Sign on now at FREdome ideas site and let us know – and read and rate  the ideas you find there. 

As a key sponsor and active part of the FREdome project, St Michaels are keen to find ways to bring the local community in to talk to businesses and organisations that can make things change in Watford and everywhere …

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