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Young People in Herts ‘Show the World’

March 29, 2010

Talented teens perform in live Radio/TV webcast

Teenagers took over an FM radio station at a studio set up in Eden, Watford, and were broadcast globally on Internet TV & Radio for a three-day show on 19th-21st March.

They showcased local talents – including singers, dancers, beatboxers and TV presenters – and regularly delivered their message to the world: “Stop fighting, fix our future!”

View all performances online at the FREdome YEA You Tube channel


They point out that if nations of the world all agree to divert a small proportion of war budgets into natural methods to convert CO2 into resources, then the future for all generations to come can become one of hope, optimism, security and plenty.


“The weekend was soooo great! hope to do more projects like this in the future! 🙂 thank u everyone who took part x (Katie M)

“ahhhh! this was amazing – needs to be done again ♥” (Paul, Helen & Megan)

“Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to do this. I DJ’d for 2 hours on the Friday night and co-hosted a 2 hour show on Saturday evening. I learnt how to use the computer programme (BCX) that broadcasted the songs on to radio. I learnt more about what ‘FREdome’ is and how we can change the future for the better. Overall I had a lot of fun, and would definitely do it again. I think it was a really great idea, the message definitely got across as we attracted a lot of talented people.” (Paul)

“Yay!! This is soooo cooool ” (Jemma)


The best groups and performers will take part in the Live Stage Final entitled “Show the World!”

Audience at Celebration 2009. Photo by Christophe Murphy


The competition will be run as a youth finale to The Watford Celebration  (3rd May 2010 at the Watford Colosseum) – an all-day diversity festival attended annually by over 3000 people.


It features free international food, stage performances and a variety of stalls with a separate quiet area for local community sharing, promoting peace from grass-roots.


Prizes for performers will include £250 for the top audience vote, sponsored by the FREdome Visionary Trust.

This broadcast event was made possible through support from “The Big Spend” (the Youth Opportunity Fund in Hertfordshire) where young people decide how funds are spent on positive activities.

FREdome-YEA (“Youth Encouraging Adults”) was awarded just over £4000 to finance this talent competition.

For further details, email  or ring 0845 225 3005

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