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APPCCG lobby: St Albans Greens offer support

June 14, 2010

Dear Greg

RE: Plausibility of converting CO2 into carbon-based resources

Thank you for introducing me to your ideas on “Carbon Cycling and rain-inducing agroforestry” during the run up to the recent election. As I said at the time, I could see nothing implausible in your vision. Much more positively, I shared your view that it was difficult to understand why this or any comparable plan was not being implemented already, let alone discussed as a significant contribution towards meeting some of the world’s major challenges: “man-made” climate change (and other consequences of increasing CO2 concentrations), oil depletion, desertification and feeding the hungry. I am delighted to learn about the steps you have taken since, particularly the first level confirmation of the scheme by the University of Hertfordshire. I think raising this concept and presenting it at the APPCCG is an excellent next step. When we first met on this subject I did say that I would like to come back to the project after the election, and I meant that. My only regret in this letter is that I am away on business for a couple of days in the coming week, and will not be able to attend the APPCCG meeting with you. I hope the project gets the reception it deserves.

Yours sincerely

Jack Easton

For and on behalf of the St Albans District Green Party

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