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So near….politicians and academics get interested in our project!!!

June 29, 2010

Greg and a small group of volunteers have worked tirelessly to encourage the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group to take a serious look at the potential advantages of the Carbon Cycling process as a cost-effective and innovative solution to the issues associated with climate change and resource depletion.  

A huge breakthrough has been made recently with an expression of interest from the University of Hertfordshire who hope to take up the reins of the much needed Carbon Cycling desk research.  Inventor Andrew K Fletcher has helped develop the Carbon Cycling proposition still further with his innovative ideas to kick-start the process.

The St Albans & District Green party has also lent its support to our lobby, and a business network in Dacorum comprising some ex-oil industry executives have been approached regarding professional support to further raise the profile of the project and obtain research and development funding to enable the work proposed by the University.

Can it be that recent events from Buncefield to the Gulf of Mexico are finally making politicians take notice?  Will Hertfordshire lead the world yet? It’s all so exciting and it feels that at last we are close to a breakthrough.

We are no longer able to update the C-Green Solutions website as well as FREdome and support Celebration, but we will be creating a new blog called – where we will endeavour to post up all the latest news, correspondence and research papers. We hope to launch this with our next edition

What is Carbon Cycling?

View an animation of the process

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