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Coalition pledges to grow biogas

June 30, 2010

The new coalition Government has declared, in their coalition policy plans, that they will implement measures to promote a ‘huge increase in energy from waste through anaerobic digestion’.

Market worth £600-800 million
Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of ADBA states “there couldn’t be a better time to enter the UK AD and biogas markets, with our new Government’s commitment to a huge growth in the industry we now have the challenge of delivering this. The UK will need to build approximately two plants every week for the next 10 years in order to meet its renewable energy targets and we currently do not have enough UK developers and suppliers to meet this rate of delivery. UK AD & Biogas will be a key opportunity for overseas suppliers to not only have a chance to win contracts for the next 12 months – worth in the region of £600 to £800 million – but to also understand fully UK legislation, regulations and current issues. You cannot miss this show if you are interested in the UK market!”

UK Environment Minister backs AD and biogas
Under the new coalition, anaerobic digestion and biogas – using farming, household and industrial food waste to generate energy – looks set to enter a golden age. While the name might not exactly be catchy, Environment Minister Chris Huhne has spoken keenly about his plans to see more plants being built in 2010. Following lobbying by ABDA, the government is putting anaerobic digestion and biogas as critical keystones in their strategy to hit their carbon emissions targets.

Find out more at Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) website.

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