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Carbon Cycling to be discussed at Westminster

August 31, 2010

Great news!

The APPCCG has granted FREdome an All Party Parliamentary Group session in Westminster to devote to our Carbon Cycling proposal. The date we have chosen is 18th November 2010, which is Social Enterprise Day, during International Entrepreneurship Week.

Speakers so far include:
• Greg Peachey BSc, Founder and Chair, FREdome Visionary Trust
• Andrew K Fletcher, Originator, The OASIS Solution
• Dr Stuart Parkinson BEng PhD, Executive Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility
• A trustee of the ITF International Tree Foundation (Patron HRH Prince Charles)
• Professor Judith Petts, Dean of Social and Human Sciences (Environmental Risk Management) at University of Southampton
• Professor Eric P Achterberg, Professor of Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems, University of Southampton
• Professor Stephen Nortcliff, Professor of Soil Science, University of Reading
• Professor Frank M. Chambers, Professor of Physical Geography – Climate History and Change, University of Gloucester, Sustainability Institute
• Professor John Wainwright, Professor of Physical Geography (Links between hydrological, geomorphological and ecological processes), Sheffield University

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