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We’re definitely on our way…

November 21, 2010

Message from Greg Peachey to all attendees to The All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting on Thursday 18 November 2010, Portcullis House  

Thank you very much to all of you who were able to come along on Thursday. I hope you found it interesting and positive.

Many of you who weren’t able to make it asked to see copies of the output.

Please contact us should you require to see the presentation and supporting information   

 We hope to post audio excerpts of contributions to this website .

May I also take this opportunity to thank our Chair – The Rt Hon Katy Clark MP, our host – Catherine Martin, all those who spoke, helped organise, attended or expressed interest in the event.

I hope that what we have initiated here will ultimately prove of great benefit to our global community, present and future.

Message from Greg to the youth group

Many thanks to all who were able to come along last night.  I hope you really enjoyed the event.

 Your presence made such a difference to the meeting.

 I thought the event went really well, provoking a lot of interest and discussion.

I thought that one of the most interesting things to emerge from the meeting in support of plausibility was that Thames Water seems to have already negotiated with Kuwait, who were actually going to pay for the implementation of the project, and that it was only stopped by the war.

Included in our research we have identified an economic source of US military surplus floating jetties for transferring heavy equipment to/from the shore, meaning that, as Andrew Fletcher pointed out, the project is fully portable in the advent of conflict.

 I’ll ask The Secretariat to minute my request to meet with relevant key ministers and follow-up the BBC about high-profile media coverage.

It’s great that the professors  on the independent panel have agreed to become our scientific advisory board, and that my request for a follow-on parliamentary meeting to assess progress in a year was accepted – once formally granted that will certainly help sustain the momentum that we have initiated.

 Have a great weekend.


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