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FREdome to participate in UK Youth Parliament Political Education Day

January 17, 2011

 Hertfordshire members of UK Youth Parliament have invited Greg Peachey the founder of FREdome Visionary Trust to take part in their Political Education Day.

Greg Peachey

Greg Peachey BSc, Chairman and Founder of FREdome

Greg will talk to year 9 students at Watford Grammar School on Tuesday 15th February about FREdome YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults) – a team of young people who get involved in political lobbying for change. The group have played an important part in the success of FREdome’s  Operation Oasis Carbon Cycling project.

Greg will explain the aims of the project and how young people have contributed by making films, organising fund raisers, speaking in public and meeting politicians.  

The day is arranged by Steve Madden,  Youth Participation Worker for the Youth Opportunity Fund & Youth Capital Fund & UKYP.

Youth Connexions Hertfordshire, Children Schools and Families, Hertfordshire County Council

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