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OASIS Project debate gets Global Entrepreneurship Week Badge of Honour

January 27, 2011

 Global Enterprise Week Outstanding Impact Award 2010

FREdome Visionary Trust has been awarded a badge of honour in recognition of the impact of its Parliamentary Debate on Carbon Cycling, held at the Houses of Parliament in Enterprise Week.

The debate was organised by volunteers of the Hertfordshire-based Trust and was successful in attracting scientists, parliamentarians, experts and NGOs to discuss the proposition:

“Carbon Cycling – the Missing Link in the Carbon Debate?”

Three children aged under 18, youth supporters of the Trust, also gave their views on Carbon Cycling

The aim of FREdome ‘s Carbon Cycling OASIS project is to kick start forestation of areas of Africa. A number of potential economic benefits to the UK have been identified by the proposal:

  • Tourism in coastal areas will benefit as sewage will no longer pollute UK shores.
  • Countries providing the waste (including the UK), could see a twenty-fold or greater reduction in sewage treatment costs.
  • The value of biogas recovered by the donor nation (based on 20 tanker loads) could be as much as £11million.

Project OASIS has the potential to create jobs, boost regeneration and mitigate the need for new power stations. The shipping industry could off-set its own carbon footprint by transporting the waste tankers while the need for incinerators will reduce significantly.

Carbon Cycling could also help balance the uneven distribution of rainfall causing a reduction in the number of extreme weather events.

FREDome founder,  Greg Peachey says:

We are really pleased to receive this recognition from GEW. We timed the event to coincide with the week because the concept of Global Entrepreneurship fits so well with what we do – bringing the ideas of ordinary people to the attention of the powers that be .

It’s all thanks to the volunteers at the Trust, and their support for Andrew K Fletcher’s OASIS concept that we have been successful in attracting interest and commitment from so many different quarters. Since the event we have recruited 12 experts to sit on our panel and expressions of interest from Suffolk District Council to participate in the EU C2C programme . Our next target for publicity will be Climate Week!

I, personally will continue to lobby the minister of employment and local MPs for more support for what we are trying to achieve.  

Global Entrepreneurship Week High Impact Event Awards are given for outstanding support of the campaign during The Week and for encouraging a change in attitude to entrepreneurship throughout the year. Website

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