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Meeting of the scientific advisory board 24th March 2011 UCL Energy Institute

March 31, 2011

The board met at the the UCL Energy Institute with the aim to take part in a risk analysis on the OASIS pilot and implementation. The aim shifted towards the support of the bid for EU funding for a pilot study in Spain.

Whilst the individual principles of the project are well documented, the implementation of the integrated elements still have to be ‘proved’ in the field. It was felt that without a concrete academic study behind it, the project as a whole would find it difficult to attract support from government and private funding. It was felt that an EU funded academic study would open the negotiations with commercial partners and give documented Proof of Concept.

The Plan falls into three stages:

1. Research study by STAB group to support EU commercial partnership application

2. Pilot Study

3. Larger scale implementation

In order to support this, a series of studies or work packages were identified that could be scoped and implemented by members of the team with appropriate knowledge and/or expertise.

Four new members joined the board as a result of the meeting – Dr Colm Bowe, Craig Embleton, Robin Buller and Peter Darley, bringing a further range and depth of knowledge and experience to the team.

There appeared to be good consensus regarding the underlying principle: With atmospheric carbon levels dangerously high and carbon resources dangerously low, there is a compelling case to convert the former into the latter.

Regarding the practical element, project director Greg Peachey has asked technical director Andrew K Fletcher to produce a step-by-step plan for his vision of the eventual big implementation and the initial Andalucian/N.Spain pilot, incorporating the required level of project definition indicated at the meeting – including objectives and benefits that can be measured and verified within the estimated timescale and budget. Included, for example, could be demonstrating the breaching of the coastal thermal barrier by the evaporation of irrigation water – a role to be taken over by evapo-transpiration by the newly-established tree belt when sufficiently mature.

Since the meeting there has been a vigorous exchange of information and discussion between the members of the board.

The members of the meeting:

Dr Tristan Smith, UCL Energy Institute – Low Carbon Shipping

John Aitken, Director – J&J Aitken Consulting

Dr Colm Bowe, Liverpool John Moores University – Natural Science and Psychology

(agroforestry, biofuels, alternative crops, desert greening through saline irrigation, food security)

Craig Embleton BSc (Applied Biology) MSc (Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy

Studies) – Founder, The Green Frontier

Robin Buller, Energy & Finance Advisor

Peter Darley, Director – Terra Fecunda Consulting Limited

Greg Peachey – Founder FREdome Visionary Trust

Andrew K Fletcher – Operation OASIS

Sherief M Hassan – Facilitator

The next meeting of the voluntary support team will take place on 4 April in Hemel Hempstead.

Please contact if you’d like to take part.

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