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Adam Blackie takes the reins as OASIS Funding Bid Project manager

April 11, 2011
Adam Blackie

Adam Blackie

Following a recent meeting of the Project OASIS volunteer force in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Adam Blackie has been appointed to drive the OASIS bid for funding from the LIFE + Environmental Fund.

Adam has worked as an interim Programme Manager for more than 10 years and is experienced in a wide range of sectors including Central Government, Local Authorities, Charities and Law Firms.

In his most recent assignments, he has been leading technology-related business process change. Then, in March 2011, he saw a presentation given by Operation OASIS project sponsor, Greg Peachey, the founder of FREdome .

Adam says,

“OASIS struck me as being one of the biggest ideas I have seen for a long time. Certainly not the run of the mill stuff I usually deliver. I decided soon after meeting Greg that as I have the time and experience to help with the bid for EU funding I would try to help. This is why I am involved.”

Adam has spent 12 years working with UK retail companies including Tesco, Signet Group, DSG and Harveys. His special focus is initiating and leading change and enabling delivery teams to establish new and more effective ways of working with their suppliers and contractors.

He says,
“Breaking down communication barriers and encouraging decision-making has been my route to reducing delay and improving delivery.“

Greg Peachey says,
“We are delighted to have Adam on board. His leadership style and personal charisma have already had a major impact on team morale. He has a major task ahead – making things happen and uniting the scientific and technical elements of our bid for a small scale demonstration pilot of the OASIS system in Europe. It’s time for everyone to pull together behind Adam to make this a successful bid!”

Adam Blackie is occasional visiting lecturer on change management at University College London and a guest speaker at The European Association for Banking and Financial History Summer School.

The originator of the Overseas Arid Soil Irrigation (OASIS) Solution is Andrew K. Fletcher.

For more information about Operation OASIS go to the project website

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