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Operation OASIS to bid for EU water funds

April 24, 2011
Drought in Spain

Southern Spain will be a target area to identify partners for the Operation OASIS demonstration

The Operation OASIS project, supported by the FREdome Visionary Trust,  is to apply for funding to demonstrate the principles of the OASIS system on European soil.    

 After a comprehensive discussion between volunteers, expert advisers, partners and the Scientific and Technical board, we have identified the “Water” strand of the European Commission’s LIFE  + Programme as the best fit for a bid for funding.

LIFE + is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU. The fund is divided into different “themes” such as climate change, water, soil, waste & natural resources, forests, innovation and biodiversity. Our problem was that OASIS matches nearly all these objectives so the big challenge for the team was to identify the key driver from a European aspect.

 Greg Peachey, the project director, reports; 

 “For the early pilot demonstrations, both the wastewater donor and recipient sites will reside in Europe. Whilst there will be a number of further European sites that will benefit from induction of a moist microclimate, when we scale up and replicate the project in earnest in conjunction with the Middle East, benefits will become concentrated either within or outside of Europe.

 “Our choice of funding strand needed to reflect the immediate concerns of Europe: in order to maximise our relevance to the Water fund objectives, we will seek a source of wastewater that threatens the Andalusian coast with pollution.”

Southern Spain will be a target area to identify partners for the Operation OASIS demonstration: the team has until mid July to identify prospective partners and mount a joint bid.


The originator of the Overseas Arid Soil Irrigation (OASIS) Solution is Andrew K. Fletcher. For more information about Operation OASIS go to the project website

For more information about the LIFE programme visit the EC website

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