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OASIS Project: update on our 2011 bid for EU funding

May 20, 2011

The FREdome Visionary Trust is seeking funding for a revolutionary environmental project called Operation OASIS. It will utilise the carbon cycle in atmospheric CO2 reduction by cultivating trees on desert coastlines.

Drought in Spain

Southern Spain will be a future target area for an Operation OASIS demonstration in Europe

There is considerable evidence that agroforestry working inland from arid coasts can create a moist microclimate for people to grow food, fuel and eco-friendly materials.


In conjunction  with our funding advisors at Beta Technology we have have decided to apply for support for Information & Communication under the European Comission’s LIFE+ Programme. This is a new funding stream aimed at increasing awareness of environmental solutions.

If we get funding released in 2012 we will have  capacity to communicate our findings to the world through conference presentations, a website and the media, in preparation for a future LIFE + Water  Programme bid.


Our bid for £5000 from the Co–operative Society of Great Britain is receiving excellent support from the public in the UK and our contacts around the world.  TODAY  we have reached position 11 in the public vote for the Southern England region competition. Should we be successful in winning this bid we will receive a small amount of funds to keep the our volunteer team  going until 2012. We receive  no other financial support apart from small donations from individuals.

We thank you for reading this and ask you to vote for Operation OASIS at the Coop revolution website:



Oasis Logo - AFRICAThe OASIS project originator is Andrew K Fletcher,  and the director of the Project volunteer force is Greg Peachey

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