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Operation OASIS: Carbon Cycling in the news

October 3, 2011

One thing that is abundantly clear as our forests teeter over the line dividing life and death, our planet’s future teeters with them. We must do whatever we can to protect them…..”

A robust defence of the role of forest in climate stabilisation by RP Siegel is published today on Triple Pundit.

Read it to find out why trees are so vitally important to our future and why deforestation must be reversed;

Published on the same day : why biofuels are posing a condundrum in the energy and climate change  debate by Jeremy Woods, Seyed Ali Hosseini and Nilay Shah, published in Chemistry World.

Our Operation OASIS Carbon Cycling project provides a solution to all these dilemmas. Find out more about Operation OASIS , a project supported by Liverpool John Moores University, University of Seville, The Cradle to Cradle Network,  the Energy Institute of UCL et al.

Trees can make it rain!

Operation OASIS 

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  1. February 22, 2012 12:45 pm

    This is an excellent site and it has been an enlightening pleasure to be connected with Greg Peachy who is an extremely visionary innovator and entrepreneur.
    I look forward to futher contact and to connecting with both Greg and other members of FREdome´s networking partnerships.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Trice

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