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Operation OASIS: Our environmental communications project listed for Herts Green Award

October 5, 2011

Operation OASIS, the unique carbon cycling project supported by the FREdome Visionary Trust has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s Herts Green Awards in two categories – Best Environmental Project and Best Green Communications Project.

The Awards final will take place at Knebworth Barns on Wednesday 25th October at 7.30 pm.

Read a short version of our awards submission below.

Herts Green Awards logo


Project Title: Operation

Project aim : ‘Using our skills to build hopes for global recovery’

The FREdome Visionary Trust is a grass roots organisation
offering volunteering opportunities to everyone, especially unemployed and
young people in Hertfordshire. We are a group of united individuals,
communities and businesses with one goal: to make a better world for our
children to inherit.

The aim of the FREdome Visionary Trust’s ‘Operation OASIS’ project is to communicate the benefits of Carbon Cycling – put simply,  growing forests and crops to improve soil and absorb excess atmospheric carbon.

The idea behind Operation OASIS was researched and developed by inventor and former sewerage engineer Andrew K Fletcher. We are inspired by his vision  – a world growing enough desperately- needed food, fuel, safe materials and employment. An alternative for people in Africa to living in conflict and urban slums.

Summary of our achievements

November 2010: During Global Entrepreneurship Week we organised a parliamentary debate on Carbon Cycling.

January 2011: Our project was endorsed by the Cradle to Cradle industrial waste minimisation network of the EU.

March:  We convened scientists at UCL for a risk analysis of our project.  Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) agreed to help us seek funding for a demonstration project for Operation OASIS.

April:  We raised public awareness of Operation OASIS through participation in the ‘Coop Revolutions’ funding competition.  Our Facebook campaign attracted comments from around the globe.

May:  With help from Hertfordshire County Council we identified a suitable fund:  the EU LIFE + Information and Communications programme.

June: Led by Andrew K Fletcher and LJMU, our volunteers found partners in Spain and UK. The team joined the University of Seville, the City of Santa Pola and Green Europe SL in a collaborative bid with help from Cranfield University’s Soil Science department.

July 2011: Our joint bid: ‘OASIS MEDia Orchestrating Arid Soil Innovative Solutions for integrated EU soil policies in Mediterranean Coastal Zones’ passed the first milestone of the European Commission assessment process.


Our bid for the OASIS MEDia environmental improvement project in Southern Spain is worth 500,000 Euros – to be match funded by the EU. (The bid result is expected in March 2012).

Our next target is to launch a demonstration project of the next step for Operation OASIS – involving municipal waste water transportation for forest irrigation in Spain & UK, and systems analysis of tankering wastewater from Italy to arid African shores in order to establish coastal tree belts.


We have been successful in forging international links but getting attention from UK Government is hard. We need to develop our message with help from expert advisers. We have learned a huge amount can be achieved with very little money when people’s resourcefulness and personal commitment
opens access to networks of contacts.

Find out more about the awards

Find out more about Operation OASIS

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