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Carbon Cycling – the time to act is NOW!

October 10, 2011

Our Operation OASIS solution, which was presented to a UK government representative this week, proposes the birth of a new industry which converts carbon emissions and waste into carbon resources, such as food, fuel and eco-friendly materials.

We ask the government to listen to us!

Here are our credentials:

Interreg logo 1. At the European Congress of the Cradle to 2 Cradle Network for industrial waste minimisation co-founder – Professor Dr Michael Braungart, Scientific Director of EPEA International Umweltforschung GmbH endorsed the Carbon Cycling Operation OASIS project manifesto.

2. We convened a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group on 18th Nov 2010, to which we invited an independent group of senior academics and industry figures in relevant fields agreed to act as the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board to the Carbon Cycling Operation OASIS project. The Board includes: Professors Achterberg, Chambers, Nortcliff & Wainwright; Drs Bowe, Wilkinson, Lawson, Smith & Kleidon and industry figures Hewett, Morey, Aitken & Bunyard. (see our board in full)

The LIFE Programme of the European Commission

3. Following this, board participant Liverpool John Moores University partnered the FREdome Visionary Trust to co-ordinate a bid to communicate the need for the project to the European Commission (Life+ funding call). In July 2011 the joint bid was submitted by Liverpool John Moores University Department of Environment and Psychology, involving Cranfield University, University of Seville, Green Europe and the City of Santa Pola. They jointly committed to contributing half a million euro, if successful, to be matched by the European Commission.

Help us on our way forward…!

FREdome is in now in dialogue with Ca’Foscari University, based in the City of Venice, over a joint bid to research the practicalities of shipping away the organic waste that floats past its residents’ front doors. We aim to work in partnership with the relevant industries to trial the shipping of wastewater as ballast in returning tankers to nurture agroforestry on poor soils. However EU bids for relevant grant programmes (e.g. Life+, FP7…) are for matched funding (typically 50% or 75%). We need backing to continue our venture!

Why now?

Carbon Cycling offers a new hope and a natural, cost effective and healthy alternative to carbon burial and sequestration.

On 28 Jan 2011 UN Secretary-General , Ban Ki-moon, at World Economic Forum (DAVOS), warned the whole world is currently in a “global suicide pact”.

In recent days UK Chancellor George Osborne has said, “We will do everything, work with anyone, overcome every obstacle in our path to jobs and prosperity. So that together we will ride out the storm.”

It is time for the UK to consider the economic social and growth benefits of carbon cycling – nature’s method of carbon reuse?

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