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Eye witness account from London: UN Global Compact and International Business Leaders Forum

December 15, 2011
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UNGC UK Network Annual Outreach Event 2011: Expectations for Rio +20

Date 5 December 2011:

Hosted: Royal Bank of Scotland

FREdome Visionary Trust founder Greg Peachey made a positive splash at this the latest UN Global Compact ¹ meeting, organised by the International Business Leaders Forum IBLF².

(Our flagship  project, Operation OASIS³,  led by Andrew K Fletcher, is a participant in the UN Global Compact)

FREdome Visionary Trust chair, Greg Peachey,  always aiming to influence, inform and expose those at the top,  persisted in bombarding the panel with a series of pointed questions about why people in power consistently ignore the potential benefits of Carbon Cycling through reforestation  – ie natural biosequestration  – the only credible solution to reversing the catastrophic effects of our consume and dump economy.

Renewable Energy Consultant Robin Buller, a FREdome Visionary Trust representative and co- sponsor of our international OASIS MEDia bid accompanied Greg to the meeting and provided a lively eye witness account recorded here:


The first speaker Paul Collier of Oxford University essentially pointed out that Africa will be affected by global warming more than most places, and also is least able to cope with it. Also that the comparative advantage Africa has in solar energy generation (its hot, a lot) and hydro (big fast flowing rivers that drop from a high altitude) makes it ideal to develop these two technologies, if only it had access to International Capital and had a better Regulatory environment (i.e. had laws that could be enforced and less corruption), then all would be good. So from an academics point of view, Africa would be fine if everything were different, but……..

So to Greg, who was the first questioner on the block, and did a superb job at presenting the carbon cycle / Oasis concept  and asked the question of Professor Collier, whose answer, I have to say, did not register.

Following this, there were four speakers, from:  BP, Aviva, ARM and Marshalls.

Again following the brief talking heads, which all presented the respective company’s position – Marshalls probably the best – then Greg is again on his feet and again, second wicket, presents the Carbon Cycling so clearly to BP, that not only did they get it but all in the audience did too!

Elodie Grant Goodey, Head of Societal Issues and Relationships, BP plc. replied to Greg’s question (which after his really powerful and succinct introduction) by saying,” Yes to partnerships”, (BP are open to them), “Interested in Alternative Energy” and that BP are interested in emerging business investments (well, of course they are) and they have £150m invested already in alternative energy (wind, biofuels, oh, they sold their solar unit), and they are also interested in biosequestration.

So Greg talked to Elodie afterwards, and gave her our paper on Carbon Cycling and another quick pitch, and now it’s a question of next steps.

The Marshalls guy, Chris Harrop, was also good and made the point that a lot of their work on sustainability resulted in enhanced margins as much as a reduced carbon footprint.

Anyway, access to BP is a great achievement.

Finally, Stephen O’Brien, who had just come back from Africa, made a snappy speech, apparently he is the only MP who has a high level commercial background, which is rather strange – anyway, he did emphasise that to present to Government is very different to presenting to Industry (Greg knows this…….).  To be successful with Government one needs to identify its ‘objectives’ and fufill them with the project. Easier said then done. However, Greg did ask the question (his third) and Stephen was fairly straightforward, “Apply to DEFRA and Caroline Spellman’s team there”.

Afterwards, a fellow from DEFRA approached Greg and was very interested in the project, though whether he will actually be able to help with access, to the right people etc., remains to be seen.

I said to Greg that I would have a look at the DEFRA site, see the projects that are going to be presented at Rio+20 by DEFRA and see if Oasis can be introduced.

All in all, I was very impressed with Greg’s introduction and question, each time, succinct and clear (I wish I’d recorded it). Everyone understood, and several people came up afterwards to quiz him about the project including representatives of University of Middlesex, Bloomberg, DEFRA (as above), so he really impressed everyone.

As you know, I have often said to Greg he overestimates the ability of people to understand what he is saying but this time, he got it spot on and everyone ‘got it’ immediately. We need to bottle it.

I did not need to speak, and was very proud to see how well Greg did.


 Following the meeting, Greg was approached by a number of people ranging from a representative from DEFRA to a member of IBLF personnel who took him down to the Occupy workshops in St Pauls.

 More exciting news to follow ….!

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