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2012 Parliamentary Debate: A new opportunity out of economic crisis?

Paliamentary portcullis logo          Wednesday  7th March 2012, 4 – 6 pm

Jubilee Room, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster SW1 1AA

A UK-led Carbon Cycling industry, growing resources to stabilise economies worldwide. Is this the only solution?

Attended by business-leaders and other interested parties, this meeting will explore potentially positive links between the Economy, Unemployment, Natural Resources and the Environment.

The current world economy converts finite carbon resources, such as food and fuel into carbon emissions and waste. This is causing growth of primary industries to falter and environmental degradation. The meeting will include a review of a large-scale method (“Operation OASIS”) of converting carbon emissions and waste cyclically back into food and fuel, to produce an economy that restores the earth as it grows, instead of depleting and polluting it.

Progress since the last Meeting on this subject will also be analysed and next steps will be planned.

Panel will include:

  • Greg Peachey BSc, Founder and Chair, FREdome Visionary Trust

Joint keynote speakers:

  • Professor John Sedgwick, Professor of Film Economics and Head of the Centre for International Business and Sustainability, London Metropolitan University
  • Dr Vlasios Voudouris, Deputy Head of the Centre for International Business and Sustainability, London Metropolitan University and CEO & Founder at ABM Analytics Ltd

Business input and comment:

  • Steve Kenzie / Jessica Scholl, Secretariat – UN Global Compact UK, Senior Programme Manager – International Business Leaders Forum

Scientific, technical & environmental input:

  •  Dr David Wilkinson, Department of Environment and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University
  •  Andrew K Fletcher, FREdome Visionary Trust – Originator of the Operation OASIS solution  
  •  Dr Newton Jibunoh, Founder FADE Africa

Youth perspective and comment:

  • Environmental Youth Team

Presentations will be followed by question and answer panel discussions.

Refreshments are sponsored by the CCP Network.

For more infomation lpease click through to the Speaker/Panel Biographies. We have a very diverse & colourful range of speakers; but their topics are all interconnected to form a cohesive programme with some space allowed for questions/discussion.

Please also click through to the Guest List to ensure that your details have been accurately recorded in the appropriate section.

The nearest underground station is Westminster. Go through the ticket barrier and take the exit straight ahead of you. Cross the road and turn right. Turn left at the traffic lights and walk along the railings for about 25 metres until you see the Carriage Gate on your left, normally guarded by two policemen.  Westminster underground station is shown on the attached map in relation to St Stephen’s entrance to the Palace of Westminster (marked “8”). We will meet in Westminster Hall / Jubilee Café entering via St Stephen’s gate from 3.15pm onwards – which will allow time to get through the airport-style security.  At 6.00pm the Jubilee Room will be cleared by Security and we will invite anyone who wishes to talk further or simply network with other interested parties to move to the Red Lion public house opposite the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

Please arrive in good time for a good seat and good refreshments! If you decide to make a day of it and take the opportunity to arrange a tour of Westminster Palace, then please click through to for a virtual tour of Parliament to help plan your itinerary.


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