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Economists – why don’t we invest in trees?

February 16, 2012

This picture illustrates clearly how trees are the lungs of the planet.

If we cut down trees and do not replace them – we destroy our own lives.

Its pointless to continue the battle against the destruction of our precious rainforest.

Isn’t it time to look at this differently?

Its time for economists and analysts to say .

Hey – we’re missing something here. Why don’t we invest in the trees?

Reforestation on a grand scale could pay dividends for Africa and the Americas – with a positive knock on effect for Europe.

Operation OASIS, proposes transportation of treated waste water by sea to coastal forests and vegetation in arid coastal zones, to restore soils and increase rainfall.

Our project OASIS was originated in Britain by a former sewage engineer, Andrew K Fletcher.  


The FREdome Visionary Trust is convening a second All Party Parliamentary Meeting at the Houses of Parliament on the 7th of March 2012 at 4pm, in the Jubilee Room, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, LONDON SW1A 0AA UK, on the economic and environmental merits of Operation OASIS.

Contact: Greg Peachey to reserve your seat with CEO’s and business leaders from Leading Companies and hear what they have to say about our plan to lead us out of recession with sustainable growth.

Tel:             +441727823131       

Email:Greg (AT)


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