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Beware ‘mild drought’

March 2, 2012

The BBC recently reported* on scientific claims that relatively mild drought conditions may have been enough to cause the collapse of the Classic Maya civilisation, which flourished until about AD950 in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Greg Peachey founder of FREdome says,

“We are facing a “minor drought” here in the South East and East of England. Could we be the next lost civilisation?  Why not combine large scale tree planting on the east coast of England to stabilise coastal erosion and gradually, improve soils and encourage rainfall?

“Rainfall can be stimulated by tree planting, This actually happened in Ascension Island. Andrew K Fletcher of Operation OASIS and Dr Dave Wilkinson of Liverpool John Moores University will be talking on this phenomenon at our All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group event at the Houses of Parliament next Wednesday 7 March.”


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  1. Jeff Barnes permalink
    March 2, 2012 9:36 pm

    Nothing like starting on you own door step – to show what can and must be done.

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