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We could save Africa with a wall of trees

March 9, 2012

The lives of 600 million people in Africa can be transformed by planting trees!

Dr Newton Jibunoh, Desert Warrior and founder of FADE, Africa

Dr Newton Jibunoh, Desert Warrior and founder of FADE, Africa

That was the message Sahara expert Dr Newton Jibunoh delivered to the FREdome Visionary Trust’s second All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting held at the Houses of Commons on Wednesday night.

The Jubilee Room was packed out with an impressive guest list of business leaders and other influencers who had come to hear more about A New Opportunity Out of Economic Crisis.

More than one hundred people squeezed into the room and listened in wrapt silence as Andrew K Fletcher revealed the powerful messages of the Operation OASIS coastal tree restoration project.

  • Dr Dave Wilkinson gave an inspiring explanation of the hidden story of Ascension Island – a pile of rocks transformed into a lush forest by the foresight of early Victorian botanical pioneers.
  • Dr Newton Jibunoh himself described the huge challenges facing the 16 nations affected by the encroachment of the ever active Sahara – and explained the threat to Southern Europe and the consequences for the rest of the world.
  • OASIS received endorsement from Dr Vlasios Voudouris, of the Centre for International Business and Sustainability, London Metropolitan University who saw the potential of OASIS to help meet the huge resource requirements of the growing global population.

We will publish photos, videos of and stories the event as they become available.

Please read our event description and speaker biogs here.

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