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Time to put a value on our trees! Resources expert says OASIS could grow the world economy

March 19, 2012
  • All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting
  • 7 March 2012
  • Jubilee Room at Houses of Commons

“Operation OASIS addresses all the needs of People, Profit and Planet without any compromises.” Vlasios Voudouris

Prof John Sedgwick, Head of the Centre for International Business and Sustainability,  London Metropolitan University introduces  Dr Vlasios Voudouris:

Vlasios Voudouris

Vlasios Voudouris, Deputy Director of the Centre for International Business and Sustainability

Dr Voudouris explains how the massive energy requirements for our growing populations was creating a surge in demand for expensively-mined fossil fuels – and the spiralling cost and environmental damage could put the world on a catastrophic course.

If we used resources in a way that helps the environment and local communities, there could be be a long term sustainable future for a population in excess of 9 billion people, Dr Voudouris said.

The OASIS concept would involve large scale planting of trees to

–          Improve soil quality and moisture retention

–          Stimulate rainfall ( through the Hadley Cell effect )

–          Absorb excess C02 back into the plant cycle

–          Reverse desert encroachment from the Sahara

–          Create sustainable living environments to reduce conflict, starvation, and drought

Dr Voudouris said world markets must assign financial values to the re-establishment of forest and the potential economic value of reforestation would be worth billions of dollars to the world economy.

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