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Coastal cliff landslide fatalities: Freedom of Information request

July 25, 2012

Following the recent tragic death of Charlotte Blackman * caused by a coastal cliff landslide,  we have asked the Departments of Environment and Health and Safety Executive for information on the following:

1.      Any record of the number, location and severity of similar cliff hazards around the UK coast.

2.      What finance is available to support community initiatives to stabilise coastal cliffs, in order to improve safety and help avoid further fatalities.

We also drew the attention of officials to the sustainable solution to coastal cliff hazards proposed at the public meeting in Happisburgh on Norfolk on 14th June: proven techniques of reducing cliff angles and stabilising with stone-filled gabions could be further strengthened by the roots of community-planted vegetation.
View this link for more information about our coastal erosion meeting at Happisburgh and the Pocketful of Acorns project:

1. 22 year-old Charlotte Blackman from Heanor, Derbyshire, was on holiday with her family and boyfriend when part of a 160ft-high cliff collapsed sending 400 tonnes of rock plummeting on to the sand below. 24th July 2012 in Dorset (source Daily Telegraph)

2. The ‘Pocketful of Acorns’ project will be sponsored by the FREdome Visionary Trust to encourage public, coastal land owners  and stakeholders in a tree seed gathering and planting scheme which benefits everyone concerned and communicates positive action that everyone can take part in. The aim of the project is to encourage the owners of land and property at risk of coastal erosion to allow these areas to be turned over for woodland and forestry, explaining the importance of coastal woodland for combating erosion and stabilising soil.

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