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Happisburgh’s erosion timebomb

August 16, 2013
12m of coast per year eroded by the sea

Coastal erosion at Happisburgh, Norfolk – Photo Andrew K Fletcher

The East Anglian Daily Press reported on March 2013

Clifftop shadows, where static caravans once stood, graphically illustrate Happisburgh’s coastal erosion ticking time bomb.

The North Sea’s relentless ravages have eaten away at the holiday business at Happisburgh sending once-firm land cascading down the crumbling cliffs.

A dozen caravans have had to be hauled away from the dangerous front line to firm ground nearby.

Now the Lomax family, which owns the shrinking Manor Caravan Park site, is urgently looking for a permanent new site safer inland.

Read the rest of the article at the EDP 24 website 

Andrew K Fletcher

Andrew K Fletcher – Engineer

FREdome’s Andrew Fletcher – who drives the ‘Save Our Shores’ project says,

All around our coastline, erosion is accelerating and nothing is being done to prevent it or even slow it down. We put forward a sound logical proposition to stakeholders in Happisburgh and at a presentation in the House Of Commons, which puts forward the case for planting coastal woodland on sloped cliffs with stainless steel gabions (cages filled with stones to protect the toe of the planted slopes. This has worked in Dorset, protecting a 300 foot cliff adjacent to Naish Farm for 26 years.

Find out more about alternatives to coastal erosion at our Save our Shores Project page


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