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FREdome launches new website

October 22, 2013

Our Pocketful of Acorns project has taken a quantum leap forward with the launch of a new interactive website to help people plant a new community garden forest.


The SpreadTrees website promotes our Pocketful of Acorns project


Taking part is easy 

1. Pick up seeds from native trees this autumn

2. Put them in a plastic bag, take them home, and add some soil from your garden.

3. Register your action on

The project is being managed by the FREdome Visionary Trust and promoted by Business Biscotti – a business networking movement. The online database will eventually be used to help track seedling collection.

In a couple of years the resulting saplings will be ready to be transplanted in conjunction with authorities locally or taken to the seaside in order to build a ‘bioshield’ and help to reduce serious coastal erosion:

Here’s why:

  • People’s homes are simply falling into the sea.
  • And behind the East Anglian coastline lies flat agricultural land, upon which our nation’s food security depends.
  • We cannot allow this to become salt-poisoned, ever.

The aim of The FREdome Visionary Trust is to promote Carbon Cycling projects – A Pocket Full of Acorns and Operation OASIS.

Our vision is the planting of rainforests from arid coasts in order to transform inland areas so that new agriculture can convert excess carbon emissions and waste into enough food and fuel for the world’s needs.


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