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BBC report on sea level threat to Wales

February 11, 2014
The solution

Coastal communities in Wales face being abandoned as rising sea levels mean the cost of maintaining defences can no longer be justified, BBC Wales can reveal.

View video and report transcript on the BBC website.

Given that the amount of energy from the sun on the Earth’s surface is a constant and the Earth’s water is also relatively a constant, water evaporation into the atmosphere should not change.

We know that losses of arable and fertile land through desertification is expanding along with the immense deserts which are already over 1/3rd of our land.

This does not take into account all of the land we have built on, tarmac’ed / concreted over.

We can see Australia, Southern Europe, United States, and other countries affected by more extreme weather events year after year. Forest fires raging in one region and flash floods in another are by no means happening in isolation.

In fact as one land becomes tinder dry through lack of rainfall another becomes flooded through an excess of rainfall.

This should sound alarm bells. Rainfall patterns are changing and so is our climate.

The only way to reverse this trend is to address desertification and the only way to address desertification is to restore the forests that once covered these massive expanses of barren uninhabitable lands.

What happens in one country is not disconnected to what is happening elsewhere and we need to wake up.

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