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A budget for the Age of Global Restoration

April 7, 2014


As the UK government clutches at straws for evidence of economic recovery, we reiterate our warning: global economic decline is the inevitable and logical result of resource depletion.

We must therefor deploy all our knowledge of nature and technological skill to actively and wisely invest in our shared Natural Capital. In short we must restore the Earth.

Thankfully all around  the world people are gathering together to rebuild their local ecologies, led by forward thinking organisations such as The Savory Institute. Is this part of a major trend?

rainbow over grassland

Rainbow over restored grass land in Africa (The Savory Institute)

Two years ago I was stunned by the FREdome Youth Team who claimed a new age was about to dawn:
‘The Age of Global Restoration’.

It was a then-16 year-old Tara Gibbins-Klein who introduced the idea at the opening of our second Parliamentary meeting, March 2012. Please view this short video clip:

 I, along with many others, support the ambitious, creative, and beautiful concept of Operation OASIS:  a climate change reversal and carbon cycling solution for global recovery.

In time,  it will restore arid environments to make them lush, green, productive and sustainable – again.

Let’s make environmental investment an essential requirement of our economics. ‘Economic’ means ‘household management’ in Greek. What’s the point in the ‘nomics’ (management), if you have no home to live in?

Could Operation OASIS could help kickstart Global Restoration?

Suzanne Watts

FREdome Visionary


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