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Our projects

The FREdome Visionary Trust Community Interest Company is a grass roots organisation offering volunteering opportunities to unemployed and young people in Hertfordshire. Our group aims to involve individuals and communities with businesses to make a better world for our children to inherit.

These are our key projects

The Pocketful of Acorns project

This invites the public, coastal land owners  and stakeholders in a media-led tree seed gathering and planting scheme which benefits everyone concerned and communicates positive action that everyone can take part in.   The aim of the project is to encourage the owners of land and property at risk of coastal erosion to allow these areas to be turned over for woodland and forestry, explaining the importance of coastal woodland for combating erosion and stabilising soil.

Oasis Logo - AFRICAOperation OASIS (Overseas Arid Soil Irrigation Solution).

The aim of the project is to communicate the benefits  of Carbon Cycling – put simply,  encouraging the  planting of forests to improve soil and absorb excess atmospheric carbon.

parliament portcullisUK All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group Debate

The aim of these debates, convened with support of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, is to  highlight the threat of soil degradation and desertification to national and international carbon, water and nutrient cycles, and proposing a sustainable solution based on the principles of Carbon Cycling. Our 2010 debate was awarded the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 Outstanding Impact Award.

C-Green Solutions green house project

This project involved children and staff with community volunteers at St Michaels Catholic School in Watford. The aim was to explore the ideas of ecologist Harry Hart, experimenting with plants grown in different media including soil and sea derived nutrients.

Partnership Projects

A logo for use by the bid team in coms

OASIS bid team logo


A team of executives with communications, project and business management skills joined FREdome volunteers to research and source partners for a joint bid for funding for stimulating community tree planting projects in water-scarce areas of the East of England and Southern Spain (Mediterranean Basin).

Our partners in this 1 million Euro bid to join the 2012 round of LIFE + environmental communications projects are:

  • Liverpool John Moores University Department of Psychology and the Environment
  • The University of Seville Department of Agro Science
  • The City of Santa Pola  Economic Development team
  • Cranfield Department of soil technology (as expert subcontractor)
  • Executive Forum Alumni of St Albans (source of executive job seekers team)

Celebration! Watford’s Diverse Cultures, Faiths and Talents

The FREdome Visionary Trust plays a key role in the community partnership that organises commonality and diversity celebration events to engage all sections of the community, through sharing each other’s music, dance, costume, art, food and faith. The FVT idea to develop the events with all age community workshops to share ideas won funding support from Watford Borough Council and the National Lottery. Visit the Celebration website.

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