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FREdome Visionary Trust


The FREdome Visionary Trust is a registered UK charity dedicated to promoting natural photosynthesis projects.  Photosynthesis is the Earth’s natural system for recycling carbon.  The stimulation of this system is called Carbon Cycling.

Our volunteers work through face to face and online networks to lobby politicians to raise awareness of the value of carbon cycling to the economy. Our supporters include business actors, academics and scientists in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We aim to show how global sustainability is achievable, thereby providing confidence in the future economy and environment.

These are our key projects:

OASIS MEDia – community tree planting in water-scarce regions of Europe: Partners in Southern Spain and East of England.

Operation OASIS –  a transnational project to rebuild national economies through Carbon Cycling

Pocketful of Acorns – a public participation project to promote a National Garden Forest in the UK

Save our Shores – a campaign to halt coastal erosion in Eastern England

For more information about our projects and our mission, please visit our website

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