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Join FREdome-YEA(Youth Encouraging Adults)

FREdome-YEA (Youth Encouraging Adults)

A new partnership of young people and adults dedicated to drawing attention to a thread of activities, relating to the prevention of dangerous climate change, which appears to be receiving insufficient attention.

We believe that young people want to hear positive messages about their future and have the right to party.

Our achievements:

Our alcohol-free club nights, organised in Hertfordshire and promoted by young people using social media techniques, supported by Mars Patrol, have raised funds for the research undertaken by the FREdome Community Project – C-Green Solutions.     

Together we recorded a video message and entered it into the 1minutetosavetheworld international short film competition for screening at the Copenhagen Climate Conference and to be sent all round the world as part of a global campaign.

This was organised by WeCan in partnership with organisations, such as The Guardian, Greenpeace and the World Development Movement. There were hundreds of entrants from 30 countries and 21,275 people voted.

Our entry won both the youth category and the public vote, with the most votes and highest average rating, stimulating by far the greatest discussion.

Our film was projected on an 8.2 m cube screen from the middle of a lake in Copenhagen.

It was also shown to a reception of high level delegates, and was screened at a all -party Parliamentary meeting on Climate Change at the Houses of Parliament in December 2009.   

Find out more about this film and  

If you are under 18 and interested in joining FREdome YEA we are looking for 


event managers

event promoters 

publicity agents in schools 

social media experts

public speakers


film makers

and people interested in climate change issues, social change, business, administration, fundraising, charity, gigs, partying and campaigning. 

Please ask your parents to email or call us at FREdome on and we will put you in touch with young people in your area.

0845 225 3005 (office – direct line)
M: 07900 221347

To pledge sponsorship from a business:

click here – Business sponsorship letter in Microsoft Word
click here – Business sponsorship letter in Adobe PDF format
(Businesses can claim at least 20% tax relief on their donations.)

To pledge sponsorship as an individual:
click here – Individual sponsorship letter in Microsoft Word
click here – Individual sponsorship letter in Adobe PDF format

(If you are a UK tax payer, you can considerably increase the value of your donation by completing a Gift Aid declaration. You can also claim tax relief if you pay tax at the higher rate.)

To read the government rules regarding eligible sponsorship:

click here – Sponsorship Criteria in Microsoft Word
click here – Sponsorship Criteria in Adobe PDF format





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